How do you want your guests to remember your wedding?

For most people, their wedding day will be the most important day of their life. However, although the wedding day is all about the bride and groom (mostly the bride), you want to take care of your guests as well.

After all, these people are your best and closest friends and family.

While it shouldn’t be your top priority, you want to make sure your guests have a good time and remember your wedding fondly. You don’t want them reminiscing about your wedding and falling asleep!

Check out some of our best 13 wedding entertainment ideas.

1. Caricature Artist

A fun, obscure wedding entertainment idea involves hiring an artist, but not just any artist. For your wedding, consider hiring a caricature artist or cartoonist for you and your future spouse, but also your guests.

Everyone loves seeing themselves sketched or painted like a cartoon, that’s why caricature artists are so popular in tourist areas and large cities.

Hiring a caricature artist will keep guests entertained for hours and send them home with a memento!

2. Karaoke

Everybody loves karaoke. And if they don’t, just wait until they finish a few more drinks!

Renting a karaoke machine may be great wedding entertainment idea! Not only will this make your guests feel involved in your wedding reception, but it will also provide hours of fun and hilarious entertainment!

However, you’re going to want to video as much of this as possible. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space on your phones!

3. Ping Pong Tables

Who doesn’t love ping- pong? It’s like playing tennis without all of the excessive running!

Having a handful of ping-pong tables at your wedding reception will be fun for kids and adults alike.  Don’t be surprised if you start getting lines forming on the tables, though. People can’t resist some healthy competition!

However, just make sure your overly-competitive friends and family remember it’s just a game. You don’t want anyone getting too aggressive!

4. Magician

While hiring a magician sounds like an unappealing wedding entertainment idea, you may just be proven wrong.

Hiring an up-close magician for an hour or two who interacts with the crowd will entertain all of your guests and give them a feeling of being involved.

Not all magicians pull rabbits out of their hats. Some magicians provide incredibly sophisticated and mind-blowing entertainment!

5. Hypnotist

Along the same lines of a magician, you may feel like a hypnotist shouldn’t be at your wedding. However, don’t sell this wedding entertainment idea short just yet!

If you and your fiance have an open-minded, child-like sense of fun, you and your guests could get great enjoyment out of hiring a hypnotist.

Once again, make sure you have plenty of space on your phones because you’re going to want to get some videos!

6. Tattoo Bar

Providing a tattoo bar for your guests can be a really fun way to get everyone excited and involved.

Additionally, a tattoo bar comes with a lot of options. You can do the peel-and-stick temporary tattoos that are applied with water. They come in all shapes and sizes, theme or no theme.

However, it will be a little more expensive but much more authentic if you hired a henna tattoo artist to provide your guests with some awesome temporary tats!

They last anywhere from one to three weeks, so make sure your guests know are aware of that!

7. Hire Street Performers

Street performers are well known for their amazing talents. Street performers can include but are not limited to dancers, artists, illusionists, and musicians.

All over Facebook and YouTube, people are posting unbelievable videos of street performers doing their various talents.

Why not bring their talents to your wedding reception?

8. Yard Games

A great wedding entertainment idea that keeps guest engaged and having fun is hosting a variety of yard games.

Games like horseshoes, bean bag toss, and ladderball are small and easy to set up. Yet, they will keep guests entertained for hours.

If you want to get bigger games going, put up a volleyball net or two and watch the games begin!

9. Advice Cards

It won’t keep your guests entertained for a long period of time, but it will go a long way towards making them feel involved.

Placing advice cards is an inexpensive and fun wedding idea that gives your guest a chance to give you some sound or sarcastic advice.

Advice cards generally start out with a statement such as “After your wedding day, make sure you…” It is then up to the guest to finish the card!

Then, during the reception, take a moment to read all the answers out loud.

Be warned, however, because there’s a good chance you’re going to get some inappropriate and wildly sarcastic cards!

10. Photo Booth

Believe it or not, you can now actually rent photo booths, and it’s actually really inexpensive! Renting a photo booth is a great idea that will fit into weddings of all types!

How much fun would it be to have your guests running in and out of a photo booth capturing memories all night long?

Photo booths come in customizable rentals, giving you the option to pick the right template for you, your wedding, and all of your guests.

Just make sure you know how to choose the right photo booth rental.

Don’t miss out on this memory-saving idea!

11. Bouncy Castle

We’re all children at heart, aren’t we? For a super fun and original wedding entertainment idea, rent a bouncy castle or two!

Your guests may question your decision at first, but once the shoes come off and everyone’s bouncing around, there will be no regrets!

12. Ball Pit

Pigging-backing off of the bouncy castle idea, a ball pit may be just as fantastic.

You’ll have to take off your shoes and a decade or two of maturity, but a ball pit will make for a wild time!

Add extra fun and make it a foam pit!

13. Beer Pong

No high school or college party is complete without beer-pong. Depending on how much of a good time you want your guests to have, you may want to incorporate a beer-pong table at your wedding too.

It’s fun, it gives people an excuse to drink more than they should, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit!

Pong responsibly!

Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Last a Lifetime

Your wedding day is the one day you will definitely remember for the rest of your life (depending on how much beer-pong you play). Your wedding entertainment ideas may very well be the thing you remember most!

Remember it with joy, passion, family, and friends and capture as much of it as you can!

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