The average number of wedding guests is a whopping 136. The average cost per guest is $268.

When we plan our weddings we want them to be a special and fun occasion for everyone in attendance. While it is “our day” to feel like a million bucks, we also want to know the guests are happy and engaged in the experience. So, we’re more than happy to pay for each guest to join in on the fun!

After the vows are exchanged, the wedding photos captured, and the guests moved to a reception hall, it’s time for everyone to enjoy themselves! Unfortunately, not every guest will be able to be in our wedding photos.

What better gift to give them than a creative picture from a wedding photo booth?

Wedding photo booths provide guests with an opportunity to make memories with fellow guests and are gifts that can last a lifetime.

By hiring or creating a wedding photo booth, you provide guests with more entertainment. You’ll also have another set of photos to add to your wedding photo album!

Read on to learn 8 creative wedding booth photo ideas that will make your guests happy and your wedding album complete.

8 Creative Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

There’s a lot of details to decide on when planning a wedding. Explore these creative photo booth ideas when deciding how to make your big day an event to remember.

1. Bride and Groom Cardboard Cut-Outs

A wedding theme can be elegant and traditional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Creating a customized cardboard cut-out of the bride and groom is a hilarious way to communicate that we wish we could take pictures with everyone, but we can’t, so here’s the next best thing!

Cardboard cut-outs of the groom and bride can be placed in any location within the venue and are easy to move around. Your guests can express their affection towards you and you’ll be delighted to see how silly your guests can be.

2. Retro Van Booth

Using a retro van as a photo booth can instantly put guests in the mood to have some fun. Guests will be amazed to see how much effort and thought was put into creating this photo booth! And will certainly have fun using it, too!

First thing’s first, a retro van such a 1970’s Volkswagon Van must be rented or loaned by someone. Retro vans usually have a backseat where guests can sit and have their photos taken by a camera or smart device installed in the front.

Create an ambiance similar to your wedding theme in the retro van by including macrame, beads, or elegant curtains.

3. Drone Guest Photos

Renting or a borrowing a drone that is able to capture images is a creative way for guests to enjoy your big day. When using a drone for guest photos, someone will need to operate the drone at all times. However, if your little cousin is up for the task, then no outside hire is necessary!

Drone photos also allow a bigger group photo to be taken at once, so it’s great for larger weddings.

4. Frame Photo Booth

To create a frame photo booth look, purchase a large frame or a variety of sizes of frames. Guests will take their own photos by standing behind the frames. Include props that match the theme of day or that allow guests to be silly and backdrop to get clear photos.

Props can include mustaches, cowboy hats, flowers, and glasses.

5. Tent Photo Booth

Tent photo booths can be easily constructed and are cost effective. You can either use an existing camping tent or create a fort-like structure depending on your preferences.

Creating your own tent structure using a tree branch, rope, and your own blankets. The blankets can act as a backdrop so you’re able to customize the look of the guest photos. Blankets backdrops can even include a special memory and personal touch such as a quilt your grandma made for you as a baby.

6. Face Cut-Out Booth

Stand-up boards with face cut-out are always a fun way for guests to get involved in the big day. Face cut-out boards are hilarious and can be easily customized.

To create a face cut-out board, you or someone you know or hire will need to be artistic. Most of these stand-up boards are made out of plywood and then painted. They will also need to be cut using a saw by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Decide how many people you would like to take a photo at once and then paint the rest of the bodies on the front to match where the faces will go.

7. The Rented Photobooth

Rented, portable photo booths are a classic option and they are also highly customizable. Traditional photo booths take a set number of photos and then immediately provide the guests with a photo strip.

Improvements in the photo booth industry, now allow for photos to be set in different digital frames, are higher quality, and to be saved to a digital file so that you can have all of your guests’ photo booth photos in one location. You also have a variety of prop options, backdrops, and themes to choose from.

With this option, you can get as creative as you want! Also, a rented photo booth is small enough that it can fit in a smaller venue so that there’s more room for the dance floor.

8. The Wedding Hashtag

Creating a wedding hashtag to use for social media allows every guest to be their own wedding photographer. Guests can take photos anywhere at your wedding while dancing, eating food, or enjoying the bar. There are no constraints and limitless possibilities.

Since smartphones are extremely common, it’s a great idea to create a wedding hashtag in advance so that everyone can capture photos of your big day and hashtag it. This also allows you to see the great time everyone was having even if you weren’t personally there to take part.

Interested in Hiring a Wedding Photo Booth Service?

If you’re in the Redlands, California area and are interested in hiring a wedding photo booth service, then book us today!

When you book with us you’ll have access to unlimited photo booth usage, customizable photo layouts, and backdrops and props. We offer three different packages to meet your needs and budget. With every package purchased, two attendants will also be on-site to ensure that all of your guests can easily use and access your photo booth.

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