Imagine creating a world of whimsical costumes for Mary Poppins Returns like 2019 Oscar Nominee Sandy Powell, also nominated for The Favorite. Or imagine dressing up superheroes like Oscar winner Ruth E. Carter did with costumes for Black Panther. How fun is that?

That’s where you get to go when you dream up photo booth ideas for your next party! Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, holiday jigs, wrap parties, graduations, team-building events, company retreats, camps, just-because parties — you name it, a photo booth has your back.

But what if I can’t think of anything, you ask? Or what if I’m not sure how to nail that theme in costume like the pros?

No worries! There’s no shortage of ideas out there whether you have a theme or not. To help, we’ve put together some of our favorites so you can take your theme or party to the next level. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to get the ideas flowing. So keep reading to see if you like any of these or if they spark others. Then get ye a photo booth and check that off your list!

Fancy Schmancy Glittery Shiny and Bright

Glittery and shiny is a great backdrop for a wedding, New Year’s Eve, or other parties where you want people to dress up. It also is fun for a grownup birthday party or anniversary. 

For props, little shiny cone hats are easy. You can have party blowers. You know the ones for New Year’s or little kid birthdays? And silver and gold top hats are always fun, as are silver and gold or other flashy-colored boas, scarves, and bow ties.

All of this works for a 1920s theme. Just add in sequin hair bands, some with a feather, and garters. And don’t forget bow ties and walking sticks. 

You can also have fun with a masquerade theme with masks on a stick. Go with an elegant superhero theme with fancy capes and masks. Or go neo-modern with big-rimmed nerd glasses, ascots, and lightweight scarves.

Silver and Gold Sequins

Head to the fabric or craft store and cover a piece of cardboard in shiny things. Silver sequins and gold sequins are a great start. Or any color sequins for that matter.

Glue them on and you’re ready to go.

Shiny Garland

Think holiday tree tinsel garland. But you can use it all year. It’s just nice and shiny and dresses things up.

Try bright colors like purple. Or go with your sure-fire silver or gold here too. 

Cut your garland into strings and fasten them to the top of your cardboard so they hang down and cover the entire backdrop.

Bedazzling Half Moons

Flatten and fold in half silver and gold cupcake holders. Cut silver cords the length of your cardboard and attach them to the top so they hang down. You can hang them about four to five inches apart all the way across. 

Now on each string attach your silver and gold half moons. You can fold them over the cord about four inches apart. Alternate silver and gold as you go down the string.

Little Light Garlands

Back to that holiday tree, this time for the little white lights that you can also use all year. Hang them from the top of your cardboard so they hang down. You may need to zigzag up and down. 

Dainty Doilies 

Think fancy tea parties with lacy doilies under the teapot and flowers. Cover your cardboard with white and gold or other color doilies. For the dressy party, stick with white and something elegant or shiny, like the silver and gold or anything foil-esque. 

Attach the doilies to the cardboard. Alternate white and your second color to cover the backdrop for a fancy look.

Tiny Tinsel

Pick either silver or gold tinsel, the long strands. Hang them from the top of the cardboard one strand at a time so you have a wall-curtain of tinsel.

Cut foot-tall stars out of shiny bright cardboard and stick them on the backdrop. You can also cover a regular cardboard star with silver aluminum foil. 

Playful, Fun, and Wild

There’s so much you can do with your photo booth for a kids’ birthday party, office party, baby shower, engagement party, or anything that’s more colorful and playful than fancy and elegant. 

For props here, the sky is the limit. Bring in the funny glasses. And go for hats of any kind, like bowlers, derbies, skull caps, bright party cones, berets, cowboy hats, and safari hats. Pick a theme and go nuts.

Wigs and mustaches are always a huge hit. Boas work here too. The wilder and brighter the colors, the better. You can go with pipes, monocles, eye patches, and bandanas. 

Bright Streamers

Head down to the party store and grab a handful of colors of streamers. Think bright.

Mix same colors in different tones, like lime green, willow green, and forest green. Or try colors in the same family, like blues and purples or reds, oranges, and pinks. Add a light blue to your red, orange, and pink for a nice pop.

Cut your streamers to the height of your cardboard and hang them from the top. Alternate colors from left to right across the board so you have a nice backdrop.

Chalk and Chalkboard 

Get a huge black chalkboard or paint a sturdy backdrop with black chalkboard paint. Using white chalk, draw and write around the edge of the chalkboard. Leave the middle free so people can stand in front without covering up all the writing.

For an anniversary or engagement, you can write the two names at the top and favorite sayings or memories down the sides. If it’s a kid’s birthday, you could write their name at the top.

Sayings and quotes could match a theme. Like if you have a cowboy theme, you could have cowboy quotes. You can also make it look like a menu and write a list of party activities. 


Fill your background with small balloons. Have fun with colors that match a theme, like if it’s a Valentine’s Day party, stick with reds and pinks and maybe throw in an orange or green here and there. 

Paper Accordion Flowers

Cover your backdrop with bright, colorful accordion flowers. You can have fun with the colors here too to match a look you want. When in doubt, pick a color and stay close, like light blues and greens, or reds, oranges, and yellows. 

These are easy DIY flowers. To make one flower, you’ll need four squares of colored paper, glue, and accordion-folding skills. You accordion-fold each square and then glue the four quarters to make one circle/flower. 

Color Loop Pops

Think colorful donut rings stacked on top of each other for your backdrop. Take one-inch strips of colored paper. Loop them end to end and staple.

Cut string or wire the height of your backdrop and attach across the top left to right a few inches apart.

Attach your loops to the string so it’s as if they are stacked on top of each other from bottom to top. You can leave a bit of space between them, but you should see the side of the loop, not the hole. 

Stay in the same color scheme, but mix it up a bit. Again, we love red, orange, and pink. Or red, orange, pink, and light blue.

Go Play with Your New Photo Booth Ideas

See any photo booth ideas you love or that fit with your theme? Pick one of these party backdrop ideas, get a foam board or cardboard, and get to it.

Have fun collecting props that go with your theme. And then, contact us to find out about hiring a party photo booth to take photos of your guests.

It makes it so easy and professional looking! And you get instant prints that look amazing. Your guests will always remember your fabulous party.

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